Five Easy Steps to Make the Most of Networking

With so many business networking events taking place in towns and cities, how can you stand out amongst the other delegates in attendance?

Try these five quick and easy steps to help you to feel prepared for your next networking event, and make sure you’re remembered by everyone in the room.

1. Get prepared

Contact the organiser and see if they can provide a copy of the delegate list a day or two in advance, or see if there is a membership list available on the group’s website.

Use this list to do some research and identify who might be the key people and/or businesses that you need to speak to. This will help you to target them, rather than being caught by someone of little use to you for the whole meeting.

2. Make use of the event organiser

The event organiser is someone who is usually overlooked as someone you don’t need to
speak to, other than to tell them your name on arrival.

But don’t forget that they are often the only person in the room who knows everyone
present… so if there’s someone you want to speak to but haven’t met, ask them to make an introduction for you. The best organisers will always be happy to do so.

3. Find out in advance if you need to do a presentation

Many networking groups ask delegates to speak for 60-seconds about themselves and their business, as a way for everyone to identify who is present. If you are expected to do this, make sure you have prepared.

There is nothing worse than seeing someone fumble and mumble their way through an
introduction, so take some time in advance to prepare, time and practice what you want to say. Oh, and stay away from the cheesy lines – you’ll only make the delegates cringe, not laugh.

4. Take your tools

Have you got your business cards in your pocket? Or are you going to hunt down a pen and scribble down your email address if someone asks for it? Get the things you need ready in advance, especially if you’re networking at breakfast time.

Depending on the nature of your business and of the group, you might also want to consider taking a handful of pens or something similarly useful. Don’t go overboard, you want to be remembered as being useful, not desperate.

5. Be ready to do some follow up

After the meeting, spend a little time making connections on LinkedIn or firing off a few
emails to follow up on meeting someone. Opening the lines of communication can lead to
great things, so don’t consider your work done as soon as you’ve left the networking event.

Following these simple steps will help you to seem a cool, calm and assured networking expert – and surely that’s the best way to come across to potential business partners or

If you have any other tips to share, do let us know or comment below!

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