Are you ready for a ‘digital future’?

If, as the UK Government has described today, we’re facing a future where “everything is digital“, then have you considered how to keep your business’ marketing up to date?

You may roll your eyes, and complain that you’re a builder. Or a restaurateur. A hairdresser. Or a painter. But as we all know, showcasing your business online is essential in today’s world to ensure that people can find out about your business and making sure the work continues to come through the door.

There are many easy to use tools (and often free, or relatively low cost) platforms or tools that you can use to promote your business online – but it is often knowing where to start or how to work these tools which stumps people who just want to get on with their own professions and not waste time trying to work it out.

So what do you do? Fall behind and risk not being seen by your potential customers? Hire an agency (hint, hint, we can help!)? Or dedicate time to learning what to do and how to make the tools work for you and your business?

Well, we definitely wouldn’t recommend the first option! Having a website and an online presence is essential… but if you need to keep costs to a minimum (meaning doing it yourself), then there’s a few tools which are not too complicated or time consuming and can make all the difference to making sure that your potential customers can find you online:

  1. Google My Business – Google will provide a free business profile for you to help your business get listed in your local area and be found in searches.
  2. Social media – choose a platform that matches your business audience, i.e. Instagram is you have good visual content to accompany your posts, Snapchat is your customers are primarily under 18, etc, etc.
  3. WordPress – or another website builder, but WordPress is probably the best known and will allow you to build a presence without breaking the bank. It’s what this website, and many others are built on.

We’ll be looking at other tools and techniques in coming weeks, so keep checking back for more tips and hints…. Bright Eye Deer Marketing

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