Excuses, excuses…

Coughs and colds. Festivities. Work. Family. Illness. Too busy. Not busy enough. The kids. Bad weather. Unseasonably lovely weather (if you’re in the UK right now!).

The list of excuses as to why you’ve fallen behind in your marketing is only as long as you allow it to be.

So, write a line under your list of excuses. Right now. You can’t change anything in the past so move forward and make the changes that will help you to get to where your marketing could lead you.

These changes might include:

· Diarising set, regular times to do marketing activities

· Focusing on fewer, but more targeted, marketing channels

· Delegating certain marketing activities to someone else, either internally within your business or externally to an agency or expert.

Saying that you’ll look at your marketing next week / month / year will never help you to move your marketing forward and bring in new customers, so take a breath and stop making excuses.

And at Bright Eye Deer, we’ll practice what we preach too (no more excuses for us not to blog!).