#topfivefriday Five Quick Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, aka Facebook for business, is at its heart an online CV, but if you work in professional services, or in any professional role, it is an essential platform for making connections and nurturing relationships.

When you consider that a large number of the platform’s users are the decision makers within a business, you could be missing out by not making sure you know what they’re posting or discussing online – and using that knowledge to make and grow a connection.

When you connect with someone, the first thing they will see is your profile… so here are five quick fixes you can make to ensure that you’re making the right impression.

  1. Make sure your profile is complete and always, always have a photo.

LinkedIn takes you through the steps to complete your profile, so it is simple to follow them to add all necessary information that will show that you know your stuff – experience, roles, education, it is all part of proving your credentials. Always remember though… you only ever have to enter online as much information as you are comfortable in sharing.

And you should always have your photo on display – a headshot is generally seen as most trustworthy. Avoid anything you’d post to your friends – your professional contacts don’t want to see you knocking back a bottle of wine on a Friday night!

  1. Make your personal summary compelling.

Try to avoid being too general, or rambling about your past experiences. Also avoid buzzwords wherever possible, and try and keep it short, snappy and interesting.

  1. Check your spelling!

Spelling mistakes can be off-putting, and make you look unprofessional. Take an extra minute to check your spelling before you publish your profile.

  1. Upload rich content to your profile.

If you have videos, images or website links that you can add to your profile to make it look more interesting, then make sure you add them. It will give visitors a more rounded view of what you’re capable of, but make sure that they’re relevant – your 50m swimming certificate from 1986 isn’t going to cut it!

  1. Get some recommendations.

People trust word of mouth recommendations, and LinkedIn provides a facility to allow your connections to write them for your page. You can request for existing connections to provide them, and offer a reciprocal recommendation in return if they write one for you. A couple of recommendations will go a long way in backing up why a connection should come to you for business.

A few simple changes can make a big impression. Give these a quick try and see the difference they could make to your LinkedIn profile.

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