How to market a franchise business… without annoying friends and family!

Many work-from-home businesses are designed to encourage you to sell products or services to friends and family. There are hundreds of options for this available online – everything from gas and electric, to pet food, baby classes and more.

The go-to marketing tool for these franchise businesses, at least initially, will inevitably be social media. It is immediate, you already have a community in place to sell to, and (with the exception of paid ads), it is free.

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However, if you’re trying to spread the word about your business, and get friends and family to buy from you, what can you do to make sure you don’t annoy them?

  1. Check your audience – the first thing to consider is whether your friends and family are the right people to sell your chosen products or services to. Put simply, if you’re trying to sell dog food to a community of cat lovers, you’re barking up the wrong tree. All you’ll do by pushing products or services towards those who don’t want them, no matter how much they love you, is frustrate them.
  2. Be clear about the products or services you’re selling – social media is no place for vagueness! You have a tiny amount of time to attract people online before they scroll by, so be clear and demonstrate the benefits of your product or service to capture attention immediately.
  3. Make use of the 80/20 rule. This is a well-known and long established ‘law’ of marketing… use this adaptation of it to rule that 80% of your social media posts focus on interesting content and engagement, and the remaining 20% is focused on selling your products or services, with persuasive calls to action to make these posts more effective.
  4. Don’t over-post! There is nothing more off-putting than logging onto your social media feed to find it dominated by one contact. Make your posts timely and relevant, don’t share absolutely everything just because you can.
  5. Finally, recognise when to back off. If you find you’re getting fewer likes and less engagement, you should consider why – have you exhausted your immediate audience of consumers? If so, it is time to look for different platforms or approaches that can reinvigorate your marketing. Don’t keep pushing your product or services onto a weary audience, as you’ll lose what little interest you have left.

Franchise businesses can be a fantastic source of income for parents of young children, or those looking to work for themselves. However, they shouldn’t be considered an easy alternative and require work to make them successful. Hopefully the above tips will go a little way to helping you find your way if you’re looking to start your own franchise.

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