Trick or Treat? Last Minute Social Media Marketing Ideas for Halloween

Whether you’re on board with the spooks and ghouls or not, there’s no denying that the popularity of Halloween is on the rise. From scary movies to pumpkin carving, stocking up on treats to crazy costumes, last year it was estimated that UK consumers spent an estimated £30 billion on Halloween, making it the third biggest celebrated holiday after Christmas and Easter.

Of course, we recommend being organised and planning holiday marketing in advance, but time moves quickly and if Halloween has taken you by surprise this year, there’s still time to make the most of it for your small business. Grab your phone and take advantage of the immediacy of social media to show your business’ fun side and try one of the following ideas…

  1. If you have staff, get them a treat – a chocolate hit at 3pm goes a long way, and the photo online of them enjoying their sweet treat is great content.
  2. Nip to the nearest supermarket and grab some pumpkins for an impromptu carving competition. This works great for builders or those working outdoors where you can display your creations (again, don’t forget the photo!).
  3. Announce a monstrous discount for customers – maybe money off for children in costume, or for using a spooky codeword?
  4. Post a Halloween prize draw, which can be entered on social media, and use a business-related prize. A free meal, haircut, cocktail, consultation, etc, is also a great incentive to increase your social media presence through likes and shares.
  5. Simply use an existing Halloween image you have, or create one, to say Happy Halloween to your social media following… and ask them how they’re celebrating to create conversation.

Whatever you choose to do, tag us in on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so we can join in with your celebrations. Happy Halloween!

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