#TopFiveFriday – Get more from networking

Our weekly tips to boost your marketing… this week, we look at five quick tips for getting more out of networking:

  1. Choose your events carefully; don’t waste your valuable time going to events that don’t have the right type of people attending that will benefit your business.
  2. Get organised; take business cards, a couple of pens, a notebook, and a goal of what you want to achieve. That might be speaking to a specific person, or getting at least 3 business cards from people to follow up with after the meeting.
  3. Don’t monopolise anyone’s time or let anyone monopolise yours; after a sensible length of time, find a polite way to end your chat and move on to speak with someone else. Networking can be awkward, but sticking to one person for the whole meeting isn’t going to achieve your aims.
  4. Find out if you have to do a pitch or introduction; if so, consider what you want to say in advance and go prepared – try not to make it up on the spot as you’re likely to stumble or forget something important.
  5. Remember to follow up; after the meeting, make calls, send emails and/or connect on LinkedIn, and try to continue to conversation to create new business

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