What is your definition of success?

As a small business, how do you know if your marketing activity has been successful?

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

By the number of sales you’ve made? The number of times your phone has rang with enquiries? How many likes your last post on Facebook had? Or is it a combination of everything, and a little bit more?

If you look back 10+ years, the goal of marketing was to drive sales leads to your business… but now? With a new digital landscape to contend with, and an emphasis on brand values and customer experience, should you be looking a little wider at what success looks like for your business?

Let’s face it though, your business still needs to make money – so, if you choose to measure your success purely on how much money goes through the books, then fair enough. However, you might want to also look at a few other factors, and how they all link together for the benefit of your business and your customers.

Do your customers leave reviews for your business? These are really valuable as they give you an insight into how the public sees your business, as well as how every facet of your business, such as employees, are performing.

Providing fantastic customer service that generates positive reviews can also help to drive repeat business and recommendations to others – both of which are also excellent indicators of marketing success.

Linking to this is engagement online and on social media. If people take the time to like, comment and chat with you on social media, they most likely see your business as having value to them, which makes them likely candidates to become customers when the time is right. Engagement shows that you value them too, and can be counted as a measure of your success – these are future customers, waiting in the business pipeline.

By considering all of these factors – not just the end sales figure – you can define what success means for your business, and how you can tweak or improve your processes to the ultimate benefit of your customers.

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