Are the younger generation looking for positive engagement online?

We read a really interesting article in the Bright Eye Deer office today, on how Generation Z (i.e. those born after 1994, and who are considered “social natives” due to growing up with social media and the internet at their fingertips) are beginning to switch off from social media, unless accounts and content aligns with their personal views and provides positive engagement with brands and services.

You can read it here (thanks to Econsultancy):

This puts small businesses in a strong position. If young people are turning their backs on bigger brands and corporate methods, then there is a clear opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves as local and independent in order to appeal to a new set of consumers.

By beginning to post about things that Generation Z cares about, i.e. mental health, self-development, or advice-based/tutorial posts, a small business can build a following that is actively engaged and interested in what they have to say, and promote.

It goes without saying that this should be done with authenticity, or the intended audience will turn off quicker than ever…

Bright Eye Deer Marketing

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