Using video for social media marketing

Last week, we attended a marketing presentation which focused on the use of video for promoting a business. It provide a fascinating insight into the benefits that using video can bring to a business, especially in a time when you don’t necessarily need any fancy equipment other than your smartphone in order to do it. This is especially true when considering the use of video for social media platforms, i.e. Facebook or Instagram, as opposed to YouTube.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

So, why should you consider adding video to your business’ social media marketing strategy?

  1. By 2015, videos on Facebook were generating 8 billion views everyday. Three years later, that figure is likely to be considerably higher. (Read more.)
  2. Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than posts using text and images. (Read more.)
  3. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform, and 90% of those watch using a mobile device. (Read more.)
  4. In 2016, Snapchat reported that users were watching 10 billion videos everyday. Again, by 2018, this figure is likely to be much higher. (Read more.)
  5. 85% of the videos viewed on Facebook are watched without sound. (Read more.)

These are all huge figures, but don’t discount them as being too big to be relevant to your business. Your small business can capitalise on the appetite for video by following some relatively simple steps:

  • Start short – don’t make your initial videos too long, as attention spans are short online.
  • Tell a story – get your audience interested by using a narrative. Considering a start, middle and end for your story will also stop your videos from rambling.
  • Keep your message simple – consider what you want your viewers to gain from the video, and use that as a core for your content.
  • Design your video for silence – make use of subtitling or captions if you want to be seen.
  • Consider your lighting – especially if you’re filming on a smartphone. If you bear in mind that many people will view your video using their own mobile, you need to ensure that your filming location is well lit and clear to see.
  • Play around – try out some video editing software from your device’s app store, or make use of filters and animation on the platform’s own software. Don’t go overboard or use so much that it distracts from your central message, but have a play and see what you can do to make your video look interesting or stand out.
  • Try instructional videos for your products or services, or tell a case study. Find something that demonstrates your business and what you do, and remember that video can say a lot more in a far shorter amount of time than text.

Give it a go, and we’d love to see your videos! Use the hashtag #brighteyedeervideos for us to see and share.

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