Technology pile for digital marketing

Should I only promote my business online?

You’ve probably heard that “print is dead” and that the shops are all shutting because of online shopping… so does that mean that you should only do online marketing for your business going forward?

Technology pile for digital marketing
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Well, at Bright Eye Deer we’re pretty confident that a) print isn’t dead and b) not all shopping is done online, so moving your business’ marketing to being digital-only would be a huge mistake!

Marketing has changed, that is without question – but what we have now are more options and a wider number of opportunities for placing adverts, delivering content and getting in front of audiences.

With that in mind, analysing who your audience is and what messages they respond most effectively to is a good start for improving the performance of your marketing. It is likely that a combination of on- and offline marketing will work best for promoting your business, whether that be an ad on your car linking to your website, or a flyer in the same design style as your social media platforms.

Customers rarely buy from businesses on their first encounter with them, and it is generally agreed by marketers that a minimum of seven touchpoints/encounters are required before a sale is embarked on. That means that a business needs to make use of a variety of marketing methods in order to become familiar to potential customers – meaning that whilst online marketing methods are highly effective, they shouldn’t exclude offline marketing from a business’ toolkit.

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