5 Steps to Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

How does business come through your door at the moment? Is it mostly via recommendations and word of mouth, or do you have an advertising campaign? Maybe something else?

Have you been thinking about trying social media, but are avoiding it because you don’t know where to start?

If you’re a nervous social media user, try these five quick steps to increase your confidence and get your business online:

  1. Who?

Who are you trying to target? Think about your ideal customer and then consider what their online habits are likely to be. This will help you to work out which social media platform(s) may be most beneficial for you to try.

  1. Listen

Take some time to follow your customers on your chosen platform, look at what they discuss, and how and when they post. From there, you can begin to establish what approaches might work in order to engage with your chosen audience.

  1. Build

Build your followers or connections by leaving comments for them based on their posts, and be genuine. A strong of emoji’s isn’t going to get anyone following you, and the same goes for requests to ‘follow back’. Be consistent, a few minutes a couple of times a week to build your connections is far more effective than a huge blast once, and then nothing for the next six months.

  1. Post

Once you are ready, begin to post news, images, comments and things that are interesting to you and your business. Make your posts reflective of your brand, and try to stick to a theme or style – such as your products, or items from within your business. A jumbled business and personal profile mixing your products and services with pictures of your holiday or kids will seem messy and not give a professional image of your business.

  1. Analyse

Take some time to consider if your approach is working after the first few weeks. If not, consider changing it, or try something different. You might have to make some changes before you find the perfect set up to appeal to customers.

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