Urgent! Five Tips for Fast B2C Communications

The acceptance of the internet into our daily lives has created a world in which speed is key – especially when it comes to businesses communicating with customers.

Customers now expect an almost immediate response to queries thanks to tools such as instant messaging to businesses. They expect goods to land on their doorsteps in less than 24 hours due to services such as Amazon Prime. And they expect their complaints to be dealt with quickly, before they feedback negatively about your brand on social media.

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Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

The rapid increase in urgency for B2C communications has taken just a few short years and has taken the power away from businesses telling customers what they need, and placed it directly into the hands of the customer.

So what can a business do to take advantage of the need for urgency from customers?

  • “Don’t keep me waiting”

Make sure the customer gets a response, every time and as quickly as possible. This may mean setting up an automated response to at least let them know that their message has been received, and to let them know when they can expect a full response.

  • “Listen to me”

It is pretty basic, but listen to what the customer is trying to tell you, as it is incredibly frustrating to a customer to get a response which doesn’t answer their query at all.  

  • “Make it easy for me to get in touch”

Don’t hide telephone numbers or email addresses, and make sure that social media platforms are ‘manned’ so that queries are seen and can be replied to swiftly.

  • “Give me what I need”

Make sure that your website and social media platforms are up to date and include all relevant information – most enquiries may then be dealt with up front, without the customer needing to contact you at all.

  • “Don’t argue with me”

Don’t get into an argument with a customer – especially online or on social media where your other customers, and potential customers, can see. Respond politely to ask them to discuss the matter with you privately, and deal with the problem offline and away from your client-base.  

By making sure that it is fast and simple for the customer to get in touch with you, and that you’re ready to listen at the other end, you’ll be at an advantage to take control of any situation.

If you need a hand responding quickly on social media, let us take the lead and provide you with an efficient and effective service which responds directly to your customers’ urgent online needs. Contact us at info@brighteyedeermarketing.com for more information.

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