Five quick tips for summer marketing success

A couple of years ago, Facebook IQ (their insights platform) published an interesting infographic based on the usage habits of users during the summer of 2015. It found that use of Facebook increased by 26% during the summer, including a 43% growth in the uploading of video content… a statistic that is likely to have risen further still three years later.

It is likely that this increase was a result of people sharing their holiday photos and videos, and detailing their travel experiences or fun-filled days out with the family.

garett-mizunaka-349752-unsplash (3).jpg
Photo by Garett Mizunaka on Unsplash

Can small businesses capitalise on this spike in summer sharing to promote their businesses? After all… everyone is on holiday or out having fun, right?

Of course they aren’t, but they are likely to be in the holiday mindset, at least for part of the season. So here are five quick tips for generating content which will give your customers that summery glow…

  • Consider whether your customers’ habits change in the summer. Are they focusing more heavily on fitness ahead of a summer holiday? If so, do they need support, equipment, post-activity recovery, new clothing… the list is endless and you can focus your marketing on offering them products or services tailored towards their exercise or diet goals.
  • Can you use the weather to encourage your customers to try something new? A new park, café, drink, product, service? How does it link to the summer and what summery benefit can you give your potential customer?
  • Host or sponsor a charity or local event. Get involved with the local fair, or host a barbecue for your customers. Promote your involvement and help to support a local cause or event.
  • Provide summer advice. This may not just be in terms of beating the heat, i.e. hydration, keeping dogs out of locked cars or protecting your child’s skin, but also advice on the best ice cream flavours or barbecue recipes in really hot weather. Get people involved and engaged, and ask for their best tips too.
  • Offer a summer discount. If sales go down in the hottest weeks or months, try offering a discount for new customers to entice people in. This will work best if your product or service isn’t particular seasonal, so consumers need an extra push to buy.

What works best for you in the summer? Or is it business as usual, and you don’t change anything? Let us know in the comments section, or tweet us @DeerBright

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