Turning the #heatwave into an opportunity

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave. According to the BBC, the term #heatwave was tweeted by over 25,000 people on Monday, and with it set to continue, the weather is certainly on people’s minds.

So here is another example of when you should react quickly in order to grab the attention of your customers by using a topic that is clearly of great interest.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

How can you do that quickly and easily?

Make use of your social media channels or put together email marketing, with the following in mind:

Focus on what you do or sell that is of benefit to people in this weather – what do people need when it is hot outside? Ice cream? Water bottles? Somewhere cool to take the kids? Services to fix products broken by the heat? Gardening for those who want to get outdoors fast? Focus on one or two things and put it in front of your customers in their time of need.

Fuel their wanderlust – travel businesses, activity venues and attractions can (and should) take great benefits from the weather. If you can, offer a promotion on entry or for cold drinks/ice creams to boost sales or admission. Also, get a photographer to take a range of photos in the sunshine that you can use now and for the future, when your attractions are looking at their most attractive. You’ll be glad you did when it is grey and miserable!

Offer an alternative – not everyone likes the heat. Offer them a cool place of solace, provide advice for pets or babies, or appeal to those who get grumpy when it is hot! A holiday in the Antarctic perhaps? 

Whatever you do, don’t forget the suncream and enjoy the #heatwave while it lasts!

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