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We provide social media services and bespoke content creation for blogs, websites and literature – but we also offer something more… regular advice for small businesses on their marketing, both on and offline, which is guaranteed to be jargon free and easy to actually use in the workplace.

That’s what makes us different. We don’t waffle on about the technical stuff, or confuse you with complicated concepts. We just focus on the straightforward, immediate things you can do to push your business forward.

So if you think that might be useful, please click the link to sign up to our newsletter and we’ll get started with providing tips and advice (see ‘Follow Blog Via Email’ below this post). Here’s a quick one to start…

Does your business stand out from the crowd? Do you even know who is in your crowd? Is it a few small, local competitors, or are you working on a wider scale?

Even the most niche of businesses are likely to have competitors, so how can you stand out in comparison to them?

Be different.

You can be different in a number of ways:

Show a different level or standard of customer service – make personal relationships with your customers and make them feel valued. If your competitor is a large company, they won’t stand a chance against you when it comes to getting to know customers personally.

Have a sense of humour. Make people remember you because your business makes them smile. Innocent are great at doing this.

Offer something different in your product or service. What can you do that makes your product or service slightly different to everyone else’s? Are you a specialist in a certain field? Are all of your ingredients or components locally sourced?

Think small. Even the smallest idea can make a big difference – maybe putting a dog bowl outside your business if your customers are dog walkers, or hanging art from local artists in your premises or offices. It is these small ideas which will make you stand out and seem accessible to your customers, no matter what your size.

Use what makes you different to set the tone of your marketing. Make sure you highlight what makes your business different to those of your competitors and include it as a theme for everything you do. You’ll become known for having a USP (unique selling point) of being a little different, which will help to establish a loyal following of customers. 

Here’s to being different… cheers!Individuality concept, birds on a wire, alone against mass

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